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    Swimming is great for you. It keeps your heart rate up without impact stress on your body!

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    Swimming is great for you. It keeps your heart rate up without impact stress on your body!


About the Pools

The 7 FSS at Dyess AFB, has two pools. The Indoor Pool located in the Fitness Center, offers aquatic fitness classes and lap swimming. There is no open swimming or child play times.

The Family Pool is located next to The Hangar Center. This outdoor pool is typically open from June through August during the summer. The Family Pool is available during the evenings for private pool parties, so you can celebrate with family and friends. Keep calm, have FUN and come in for a swim!

  • Dyess Outdoor Pool
  • Dyess Outdoor Pool

Pool Admission

Seasonal pool passes can be purchased at the Outdoor Recreation Center.
Daily $1
Daily - 5 Years & Under Free
Season Pass – 1 Person $75
Season Pass – 2 Person $100
Season Pass – 3 Person $115
Season Pass – 4 Person $125
Additional Members (after 4) $15

Group Aqua Session

Punch Cards Available
1 Fitness Session $4
Water Aerobics (10 Punch) $30
Water Aerobics (20 Punch) $50

Pool Parties

The pool can be reserved after hours for private pool parties. Please contact the outdoor recreation center to reserve your event.

Monday – Friday: Parties start at 1030
Weekend: Parties start at 1830

# of People 3 Hour Party 3 Hour Party
1-49 $150 $175
50-99 $175 $200
10-150 $200 $225
151+ Price Varies Price Varies

Learn To Swim

FREE, with valid military ID

With a fish pass, youth ages 11-13 may obtain a fish pass that allows them to swim unattended at the pool. Child is required to swim 40 feet, tread water for 1 minute and pull themselves from the water without a pool ladder.

Services Offered

Services, schedules and availability may vary. Please contact the pool for complete details or check out our upcoming events.

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Recreational Swimming

Make A Splash With Your Next Party!

Host your next birthday or special event at one of the Aquatic Center Pools!

Special Offer

Outdoor Pool Pool

The Family Pool is closed for the year.

When open pool passes are available for purchase at Outdoor Recreation.The Family Pool has a tentative opening date of Jun 1st and will be open through August 10, 2020.
Don't forget to reserve the pool for your summer pool party!


Check out our the Pools Brochure! Includes:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Contact Information
  • Rates or Fees
  • Swim Lessons
  • Directions
  • List of Pool Rules

Pool Rules - we take water safety seriously!

Family Pool MAX Capacity: 21

  1. Children 10 or younger shall be under the direct supervision of an adult.
  2. Children 11 - 13 shall pass a swim test or be supervised by an adult.
  3. Children not toilet trained shall wear swim diapers.
  4. No diving into shallow water
  5. No breath holding or prolonged underwater swimming contests.
  6. Food, beverages, and chewing gum prohibited in pool and on pool apron.
  7. Glass containers prohibited in pool area.
  8. Individuals experiencing the following conditions shall be prohibited from entering the pool: diarrhea, skin disease, open sores or lesions, including live immunizations, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge.
  9. No pets are allowed in the pool area. (Service dogs escorting persons with disabilities shall be permitted on the pool apron and in restrooms. Also, working dogs accompanied by handlers shall be permitted in swimming pool areas as required.
  10. Showers are required before entering pool.
  11. Lifeguards will clear pools areas during electrical storms and at other times deemed necessary in the interest of safety.
  12. Only properly sized and fitted U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices, types I, II, or III are authorized during open recreational swimming.

Diving Board Rules:

  1. A swim test is required before using the diving board or entering the deep end of the pool.
  2. Diving from the pool deck into the diving board area is prohibited.
  3. Diving is permitted in designated diving areas only.
  4. One patron is permitted on the diving board or ladder before diving.
  5. Running on the diving board is prohibited.
  6. Hands must enter the water first when performing a headfirst dive.
  7. Diving or jumping form from the boards in permitted straight off the end of the diving board only.
  8. Divers must wait until the previous swimmer has reached the ladder before diving.
  9. Divers must exit the diving area immediately after using the diving board.
  10. Double bouncing on the end of the diving board and hang on the board is prohibited.
  11. Backward, inward, reverse or sitting type of dives are prohibited.
  12. Goggles may not be worn when using the diving board.
  13. No diving permitted from the 3-meter board, feet first entry only.
  14. When jumping from the 3-meter board, patrons must swim beyond the lifeline and exit the diving area.

Slide Rules:

  1. Feet first sliding only.
  2. Adult Supervision recommended.
  3. Floatation devices or toys are not permitted while using the slide.
  4. Do not use the slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. One rider at a time. Wait till landing area is clear before entering the slide.
  6. No rotating, tumbling, or stopping in the slide flume.
  7. Forming a chain is prohibited.
  8. Leave landing area immediately.

Upcoming Events

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Mon, Wed, Fri:
6:00am - 8:00am
11:00am - 1:00pm | 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Tue, Thu:
11:00am - 1:00pm | 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Sat: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Closed: Sun & Holidays


525 Ave B
Bldg. 7104
Dyess AFB
TX 79607

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Tentative opening date of Jun 1st
Open through August 10, 2020


150 4th St.
Dyess AFB
TX 79607

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